Pizza the way it should be


Neapolitan Pizza
Sicilian Pizza

Our Very Own Specialty Pizzas

Grandma’s Pizza
Just like Grandma Used to Make!
Or Try it with Our Fresh Sliced Mozzarella
a Crowd Favorite!
Veggie Supreme
“Our Top of the Line HYBRID”
Melanzane Pie
A Vegetarian That Can Satisfy Any Meat Lover!
Deep Dish
Dive In!
Red Hook Special
A Neighborhood Favorite!
Meat Lover’s
Vegetarians BEWARE!
VIP Only
ala Vodka
Please eat Responsibly!
La Margherita
“The one that started it all”
La Bruschetta
“Our Topless Model”
House Supreme
“Our Version of the Usual”
Buffalo Chicken
No wipes necessary!
BBQ Chicken
No Grill? No Problem!